Why health campaigns?

Because knowledge alone doesn’t change behaviours

Health campaigns

These intensive topic based programmes are action orientated and designed to change people’s lifestyle.

Popular campaigns:

  • Know your numbers

  • Stress & resilience

  • Energy

  • Nutrition & healthy eating

  • Sleep

  • Weight

  • Get active

3 simple steps to launch your campaign:

Each 8-week campaign is designed to target and support all your people regardless of whether they are just thinking about change, preparing for change, or ready to take action.

1.You choose the topic and the type and number of seminars you need

2.We create your campaign

3.You promote the campaign using the promotional campaign toolkit we prepare for you

We do the rest!


Coaching your people to change their lifestyle

How the health campaigns work

Weeks 1-2 PROMOTION – Awareness & education campaign … engage your people and motivate them to take part

Weeks 3-4 SEMINARS – Seminar programme (onsite or webinar) … inform and resource your people to take action

Weeks 5-8 CHALLENGE – Wellbeing challenge (team or individual challenge) … challenge your people to achieve their goals

COACHING – Throughout the challenge our online health coaching team send your people weekly emails to keep them focused and provide personal coaching support to help them to achieve their goals.

YOUR CAMPAIGN REPORT – At the end of the challenge the health coach team will invite your people to complete an online behaviour change survey. This establishes the success of the campaign and the results form the basis of your campaign report and the evidence of your return on your investment.