Why wellbeing programmes?

Because your people need the opportunity and motivation to change their lifestyles throughout the year.

Annual wellbeing programmes

Provide you with a set programme of solutions running throughout the year:

  • Engage your people in their personal wellbeing
  • Address organisational concerns
  • Inform, resource, challenge and support your people to change their lifestyles
  • Evaluate your return on investment

Engage your people in their personal health & wellbeing

Wellbeing information campaigns

Deliver a wellbeing information campaign, running throughout the year, with topical monthly themes.

Health calendar

12 month information campaign with a different topic each month – each monthly campaign pack includes 3 fact sheets, a top tips poster, a poster signposting people to other support agencies and a communications pack for you to promote the materials.

 Wellbeing resources website

12 month information campaign with a communications programme of monthly themed promotional messages which drive traffic to the wellbeing resources website, containing 16 popular topics each with a video, podcast, fact sheets and a personal training plan

A low cost, ready-made, annual wellbeing programme, delivered online through ‘The Wellbeing Plan’ website

Bespoke wellbeing programmes

We support you to create engaging, high impact programmes, customised to you and your people.

We can provide:

  • Your complete wellbeing programme, or
  • Select the services you require to support and complement your existing wellbeing programme from our portfolio of topics, wellbeing services and health campaigns

It's like an EAP but, more proactive and with higher utilisation

The wellbeing plan

Coaching your people to live well, work well and achieve more!

Our online personal health coach team, coach your people to improve their health and lifestyle, with:

  • Personal coaching – unlimited access for your people to our online health coaches for personal coaching, support and motivation, 365 days a year
  • Support in following the website’s training plans – 4-week structured coaching programmes for your people to follow
  • Help to successfully complete the wellbeing challenges – two team wellbeing challenges are available each year for your people and their friends to participate in

Plus, additional support resources on the website include:

  • Information resources for a wide range of wellbeing topics
  • A ‘Video Wall – coaching videos with simple tips and advice from the online health coach team.
  • Each month our health coach team post a monthly health bulletin and podcast on the website

To keep your people engaged throughout the year, the health coach team will send you themed promotional messages each month to promote the website. You will also receive a communications pack to launch the service and, before each Team Wellbeing Challenge, a campaign toolkit to maximise participation.