A high level of expertise & practical experience

The first thing we bring is our track record and experience…

  • We operate exclusively in workplace settings
  • Working Health has been established since 2000; its management have been delivering workplace wellbeing solutions for over 25 years
  • We have a high level of understanding of the employee wellbeing market and a clear understanding of the issues facing organisations and their people
  • We deliver solutions to organisations throughout the UK and to their operations in Europe and around the world, working extensively in both the private and public sectors and across all industries

but we look to the future not the past!


An outstanding service needs PARTNERSHIP

We don’t just deliver services, we build relationships. In short, we are focused on creating the very best collaboration between you and ourselves for the benefit of your people.

To deliver highly relevant and ENGAGING SOLUTIONS

New thinking and best practice are a given; quality is a constant. Our difference is that we customise our services to meet the specific needs and requirements of you and your people.

Producing a return on your investment by creating IMPACT

Simple, practical and engaging solutions motivate your people to lead healthier lives. We coach your people to change their lifestyle behaviours and our reporting to you provides the evidence that your investment has made a real impact.